Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I got wood!!

No seriously, I do! I'm trying to fund my new PCP hull. Buy my Tom Wegener Alaia Blank. I won it at an Expo but don't think I'll ever get a chance to shape and surf it.

Selling it for $180 OBO... It costs $66 to ship it so probably a good idea for SoCal only.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009


Surfing 3 days (Sat-Mon) of the last swell was fun. I learned a lot.
1. I still get scared when the waves are overhead. Saturday was literally a paddleout for me with the wedding board. I struggled for 50% of the sesh trying to get out. 30% of it was resting, waiting for the right wave (mostly walled up) and 20% scraping for waves. I managed to get past the break twice.. on the third time, I was too tired to paddle back out and called it a day. A few years ago, I probably would have given it another go but the wife was there and told me to be careful.
2. With that, I realize that I have more at stake than just my life. I wouldn't want to leave this world with the wife and kid alone. I told her this on the drive home and she started to cry (hormones, I guess). She thought I was blaming her for cutting the hour sesh short. I really wasn't, I just wanted to point out that my priorities have changed.
3. Sunday was better for me. It was still big but not as consistent. I was able to get out with a few duck dives on the wedding board. I also caught 2 waves that the wife saw me catch. Sweet! I can ride the wedding board!!! I have a whole lot of learning that needs to go on with that board. I made a bottom turn and it felt like I caught the tail of my board and stopped. Don't know how to explain it. Board felt super stable though.
4. Monday was a doctor appointment day. I usually take a day off for these because I'd have to pay for parking ($7) since I'm on the vanpool. Also another opportunity to surf! Knowing that the swell was going to die down, I took out the fish. Although I caught more 5 waves, I wished that I took out the wedding board (it was in the car). The waves were still there, just a longer wait. My reasoning was the paddle in and paddleout. I didn't think I could handle the extra effort. Next time it's wedding board all the time.
5. I've completely forgotten I've named all my boards when mentioned in this blog. Ahh well. I'll try to stick to what they really are.

I'm into week 5 of the workout program. I'm for damn sure getting stronger but not losing the weight. I really need to find the happy medium of eating with my wife and not challenging her to an eating contest. Since she's pregnant, she eats a whole lot! I'm still the same weight as a I started. Feel free to send me any quick healthy meal recipes. Side note, the instructor is getting kind of annoying. I'll have to try the other audio options.

Also, when does this whole water rationing thing start? I can't stand all these people wasting water... government included! Tip of the day: turn off the water while lathering. It saves me a minute of water use. Now I gotta figure out how to save the water used while waiting for it to get warm. I think the wife would frown at a bucket in the shower.

Surf this weekend! Woo hoo!!

Friday, July 24, 2009

For all you Doo Dah Surfers


Sunset Beach — On July 23, 2009 Scott at SunsetSurf.com received the following report from Raun; “There was a shark sighting today at Sunset Beach around 7:15 AM. I was looking out for incoming waves and saw the creature jump out of the water as if it was going after prey. I don't think I was the only one to see it as some of us paddled in a little closer to shore, but still surfed afterwards.” Please report any shark sighting, encounter, or attack to the Shark Research Committee.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

KNOCK KNOCK! Who's there? SWELL!

Well, that's what all the reports say. Sweet!! I get to surf the wedding board again! FYI.. wedding board is a 5'10 SurfRX New Toy.. Then again, I've only caught 1 wave with that thing in a handful of sessions. The fish might be the call. And, good thing we have a dr. appt. on Monday.. dare I say? Three days of surf? Probably won't do the costume thing.

Surf this past weekend was ehh.. they had a contest at my favorite spot. The first wave I caught was a left that I took over into the contest area... I hate contests... especially when they post up where all the waves are. Anyway, I took the wave left and one of the groms in the contest tried to drop in on me. I just stayed on the wave. All he did was yell, "Fuck fuck fuck." Dude get a grip.. There are other waves. That's where it all went downhill. I tried to paddle back out but another contestant caught a wave. It was a right. I thought, "Hmmm, if he keeps going right, he'll hit me. Nah, he'll cut back, spray me and then finish the wave off." Uhh not so much. Little fucker just kept going and ran over the top of my board. The tanker now has a ding on the side of the nose. Small enough for me to repair but damn. The kid just said sorry and too off paddling like I was gonna beat his ass. ARGH!

Finished off the set trying to catch small waves. I could tell I was tired but not like last week. I think I'm getting used to the whole program. I'm going to try switch my Friday workout with my Wednesday workout. Friday is back and legs. I think all the pullups make me tired for Saturday sessions. I didn't lose any weight this week. My diet really sucked but I do feel a lot stronger. I amazed at how much more I can do.

So, the higher ups have decided and furloughs are going to start for us. I feel pretty lucky that it's taken this long for furloughs to start. For my salary range, I get 16 days. A lot of it will be used for dr. appts. The others, for surf days. Woo hoo!! Or, maybe I'll try to find another job. It's hard to say because my car is paid off in August. My car payment and loss in pay pretty much cancel out. Actually, I'd get an extra $100. No problem for me.. I hope.

This reminds me.. I need to email a certain someone!

Be safe in the water!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Click me!

Madsen Cycles Cargo Bikes

Week 1

I started the weightloss fight (again) last week and here are my results and observations. I've lost 3lbs since my first weigh in. I weight myself everyday and my highest weight loss was 6lbs. On those days, I at sensible... a lot of protein with veggies and fruit. The weekend was a different story. I didn't try to stuff everything in my mouth, like I normally do but I did eat until I felt I was full. On a scale of 1-10 for eating speed, I used to go at a pace of 8.5. Over the weekend it was about a 6.7.. I also stopped the HIIT because I took the day off on Wednesday (OB appt) and surfed in the afternoon. Early morning workouts take a lot out of me.

I realize I'm missing some stuff.. leave a message and I'll clear it up.

I haven't done HIIT since last Wednesday but plan to start again tomorrow... we went to a concert last night so I'm a little tired.. and there's a mountain of clothes to fold.

When I first started the program, I tried out the pull up bar that attaches to the door frame. I didn't use it because the screws left marks on the walls and the support thingies made indents. See here for fix and what the hell I'm talking about: http://www.weightloss-hq.biz/fitness-equipment/p90x-pull-up-bar.html. I started out using bands but after I found the fix, I used the pullup bar and really felt the pain and soreness.

And, this is probably the reason why I sucked it up during my Saturday sesh. I swear I couldn't catch a wave. The shape and power wasn't there but I should have caught more than I did. I stayed out for a little more than 2 hours to fill my "3 waves makes a sesh" quota. I was on my tanker, too!! And, just to make things worse, one of the older guys there (who was humping his board to catch waves) kept telling me how to surf as if I was a beginner. Argh! I hate it when people tell me that. Hopefully, my paddling strength will come back this weekend so I can redeem myself.

One good thing out of the sesh was meeting Patch. Man that guy can surf!

One of my friends, FKA Scarecrow, really wants to do the Doo Dah thing. I'm over it. Too many people and a good chance of dinging my board. She's trying to convince me so I might do it. I have a few coworkers too so her costume idea would be sweet if we all did it. Side note, I support charities so don't give me a hard time for not doing it.

I also recently purchased a buckwheat hull pillow. That thing is the shit! I swear I wake up like I've had a great nights sleep. We also have a foam bed so this pillow makes it even better.

And, I think I found my next board. I've been doing some research on Hull boards and think this would work for my ability. Really interesting board. I really need to get rid of the CIS board. Hit me up if you're interested. It's a Flyer F, I think. I'll have to look up the dims.


Thursday, June 25, 2009


Finally back on the blog. A lot has happened.. here it is in a nutshell.. or is it list?

1. Married the girl who's mom had a problem with me. Everything is great! We have our own place and are going to a grom in December. We don't want to know the sex of the baby but "If it's a boy, I only have to worry about one little dick... if it's a girl, I have to worry about a whole lot of little dicks." That is what I'll be telling my kid when they're older... "You know, we wanted you to be a surprise but (insert quote)." Honeymoon was in Bora Bora at the cuatro Seasons. Awesome place. Didn't surf but relaxed, sweated, snorkeled, swam with the sharks, fished, ate great food and sweated. Don't forget to save some money cause that place is super expensive.

2. Wife got me a 5'10 new toy. It has a plaid design using our wedding colors. I named it Plaidypus. I've surfed it about 3-4 hours total and have caught 1 wave.

3. I've gained a lot of weight back (too embarrassed to tell) so I'm taking this season off and concentrating on my family, weight loss and surfing.

4. Purchased that infomercial workout. I'll post results.

5. Budget cuts have finally hit my job... please give me the furloughs.

6. I've reduced my quiver to 6. 10' Weber Stylist, 9'6 Becker Performance (I forgot), 6'2 KG Fish, 6'6 Surf RX Single Fine, 5'10 Surf RX New Toy and a untouched 6'2 CI Flyer F. I ordered that cause I got a deal and was planning to sell it. been over a year and I'm thinking of just trading it for another board. Boards sold: 7'6 Becker LC, 6'4 Rusty Pirahna, 6'1 DLC. I think that's all?

7. Having your parents drill "family" into your head, get divorced, then remarry has messed me the f up. My dad has remarried someone younger than me.. that, up until 1.5 weeks ago, lived in another city, 17 hrs away.. by plane. My mom showed up last xmas with her bf.. that messed me up.. I don't know if they're still together (I could careless) cause I haven't seen them together.. or my mom got the not so subtle hint I gave her. I want them to be happy.. it's just hard.. I need time.. or more money.. so I can pay for therapy... surfing helps a lot though and that only costs $7RT.

8. Realized that last month was 7 years of surfing for me. I don't ever want to stop.

On tap for the rest of the week is surf (probably longboard) for the weekend, MIL's 60th bday, biking and hanging out with the wife.

There is that surf gathering at Sunset on 7/25... I'm kind of over it but my buddy loves that event and has been trying to get me to commit to it. I'm thinking about it cause her costume idea was cool.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Basic, Closed Right Turn, Closed Right Turn Open...

Woo hoo!! I got to surf twice this past weekend. Saturday, took the fish out to my favorite spot.. I could have hit the OC but didn't think it would be worth the drive (and I found out later that I made the right choice). I managed to grab a handful of waves in the 1.5 hours I was out. This was the first time I've taken this board in a long time. I caught one good sized wave but was only to bottom turn and go up the face.. then it closed out.. It was a solid popup and turn so I was stoked... I did notice, however, that I need to put some ding repair near the tail. The corner where the bottom of the board and rail meet have come apart. Sunday, I took the tanker out because I wanted to catch a lot of waves in just a short time; I only had an hour. And, I did just that. I caught a lot of waves and had a great time. I did have an incident with one other longboarder. I was on a wave and going down the line. The wave started to close out so I tried to beat it. While I was pumping, there was a guy in the water holding onto the tail of his board. He didn't hold onto his board and hit my shin when the wave closed out. I gave him the finger and paddled back out. Then he says, "That was totally uncalled for. We're all supposed to get a long." I just told him to hold on to his board and paddled away from him.. I should have told him that I value safety before getting along with others... because I think if everyone follows the rules, getting along will happen automatically.. Was I out of line? Probably. Oh well. Another incident I had was with another longboarder sitting in the inside. I've been observing him and his buddy all sesh. I tried to stay away from them because they didn't move when people were on the waves. But, I saw a set wave and couldn't resist. I whipped my board around and popped up.. out of the corner of my eye, I see another guy, with the right of way, catch the wave. I couldn't pull out of the wave because that longboarder decided to just sit where he was. I fell off my board and it almost hit the guy on the wave. Good thing he had a good sense of humor. I explained that I tried to get off but couldn't. He was cool with it.. And, he was surfing with a toothpick!!! WTF!! I pointed that out and told him it was funny.. His reply, "Can't help it, I'm a Texan." Good laugh. Ended my sesh with a closeout wave that I popped up on and then went to my belly. Surf this weekend again... Three days, hopefully! I have Monday off.

I also went to dinner with the gf's dad. It was great. I think he likes me. He offered to cook for me. The gf said, "Wow, he didn't even offer to cook for me!" Woo hoo!!

And damn the gf's mom.. her mom gave out her email to a friend that knows somebody single without her knowing. So, when her mom told her and asked for her picture, the gf said no. This really pisses me off. I feel that her mom thinks that I'm not good enough.. shit I ain't over at your house every other day for nothing! and don't give me shit about not knowing anything about me. it ain't my fault that you watch youtube (TFC) for more hours than I work in a week. FUCK!!!

RED Project update:
10/29-11/04: Ran 5 days (2miles each day) and walked 1 day for 40 minutes (2miles). Knee still kind of hurts but not as bad as before. I think I'll just keep the miles per day down and just take care of it more.

Oh yeah and I started salsa lessons!! Super fun!! And damn the gf can dance! Gotta catch up to her!! And damn the instructor.. she had some stencil temporary tatoo on her chest and wore a low top.. I COULDN'T STOP LOOKING!! Funny thing is.. I think it help me focus!! HAHHAHAAHA!! oh well.. dance shoes for next week.

I've been wanting to do a carpool entry.. I think it'll be entertaining.